Norah Head Women in the Waves

Norah Head Women in the Waves was established in 1998.

The group meet once a month at Soldiers Beach (Clubhouse Carpark) at 7am. With the exception in the winter months of June, July, August- comps will start at 8 am. Comps are held on the second Sunday of the month.

Six divisions are contested A, B and C Grade, Mini Mal, Over 30's and Seaweeders. Seaweeders include whitewash riders of all ages.

We encourage female surfers of all levels to join our friendly club.



Norah Head Women in Waves welcome all new members and encourage surfers of all abilities.

If you haven't yet registered, you can always do it on comp days.

how things work

How things work.

We meet at Soldiers at 7am. In June July and August we start at 8am. All members are expected to pitch in and help set up the tent, BBQ tables etc as well as helping pack up at the end of the day. We take down names for the heats; there is a $3 entry fee per division. No entries are accepted after the heat draw at approx 7.30am.

Divisions are: Over 30's, A- more advanced, B- catching green waves, starting to turn , C – catching green waves or white wash, no pushing on to waves, parents allowed in the water for safety, Seaweeders- allowed to be assisted in the water, and Mal/ Mini-mal. Divisions A, B and C are for short boards.

Once you have put your name down, heat sheets will be drawn up and these will be displayed on a board near the tent. Remember to check the colour next to your name, this is the colour of rash shirt you must collect and wear in your heat. Do not swap colours or your points will be allocated to the wrong girl!

Heats run for 20 minutes, except for c-grade and Seaweeders which run for 15. You have 5 mins before your heat to paddle out. Remember to stay out of the way of the surfers still competing. Heats start with a green flag, the yellow flag is raised with 5 minutes remaining and the red flag is raised at the end of the heat. Remember to stay within the competition area while in the water, this is marked by the white flags on the beach. In the water, no drop- ins or snaking or you will be marked interference and will lose points. When coming in at the end of your heat, lie down on your board. If you jump up to your feet this can confuse the judges who are watching the next heat, and as such you may be disqualified.

Generally there will be 4-6 competitors per heat, with a minimum of 50% going through to the next round, be it semi or final.

Judging. This is a tough job and requires good concentration. So no checking out the cute boys on the sand or turning around to talk to mates. Your eyes must be on the surfers competing the whole time. Check out the judging guide with the judging criteria so you understand how it all works. Any questions check with Sandra English.

Points are awarded according to the Surfing Australia Rule book. Every member who competes earns points. Each surfer’s top nine results out of 10 comps are added to decide the club champions in each division. If only 8 comps are held we use the top 7, if only 7 the top 6 etc. Prizes: all members who compete on the day go in to a draw for prizes from our sponsors.

Our philosophy is for girls to get in the water and have fun. Enjoy your surfing and meeting up with friends, encourage one another in and out of the water and remember it’s not about the winning it is about having a go. So leave the attitude at home and join us once a month for a great day in the surf.

Committee for 2016

President - Kimberley Hassel email
Vice President- Kristen Nelson
Director of Administration- Donna Schumacher
Director of Surfing & Competition - Sandra English email
Director of Finance - Jenny Vaughn




Monthly Prizes
All competitors receive a prize off our sponsors table at the end of each competition, these prizes are won by having your name drawn out of a hat. Everyone receives a prize.

Annual Awards
Awards are given out at Presentation night held in November, to the top three competitors in each division based on their annual points tally.

Club Girl of the Year
This award was introduced in 2008 to reward and acknowledge outstanding commitment to the Norah Head Women in the Waves.

2008 Winner - Sam Schumacher
2009 Winner - Jenny Vaughn
2010 Winner - Kira Sherwood
2011 Winner - Kristen Nelson
2012 Winner - Almi Toth
2013 Winner - Zoe Ifield
2014 Winner - Laney Donaldson
2015 Winner - Fynlay Ramage
2016 Winner - Charli Allport & Mackenzie Davidson

Life Member
Awarded to Maxine Wallace in 2011.